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Q. Do the VMware On Demand courses provide the same certification as live classroom instruction?
A. Yes, the On Demand courses are built using the instructor led training materials, and they provide the same certification options.

Q. How can I find out how long I have left to complete an On Demand course?
A. The typical duration is 30 days. From the course content page, click the Course Information link. That page displays your “Available On Demand until xxxx” date. Alternatively, you can login to, click myEnrollments, and then click the “+” symbol next to the course listing.

Q. How quickly can I activate my course after purchase?
A. Immediately. The course is automatically activated at the time of purchase.

Q. What if I do not complete the course in the time allowed?
A. If you do not complete the course within your allotted time after purchase, you do not receive credit for attending the course. If you want to continue taking the course beyond your allotted time, you must purchase the course again.

Q. Once I complete the course, can I access it again?
A. You can access the course at any time during your allotted period after purchase—even after you have completed the final assessment. Continuous access helps bolster your ongoing learning. To access the labs and content after you have completed the Final Assessment, return to your MyLearn enrollments, and click on the myTranscript tab. Under the Courses section, click the Replay link for your course.

Q. Why is the course lab a separate link from course content?
A. On Demand course labs provide a fully functioning virtual environment of networked servers and desktops along with a lab guide that includes the instructions for completing the labs. This rich learning environment is built separately from the course content to leverage the VMware OneCloud vApp technology.

Q. Are the labs the same as in the instructor-led course?
A. Yes, the lab exercises are the same as offered in the instructor-led course.

Q. How do I complete the final assessment?
A. Once you complete the course materials and successfully pass each module quiz, you must complete and pass the Final assessment, note that the assessments allow you to self-evaluate your knowledge on the course taken. You have a maximum of 5 attempts to complete the assessment. Note: The assessment completion does not trigger Lab or Content completions. All components of subscriptions need to be individually completed.

Q. What happens after I complete the final assessment?
A. Once you have successfully passed the Final Assessment, the course is no longer visible under “Current Enrollments”; it now resides under “Past Enrollments” and is marked “Complete”.

Q. How do I contact technical support if I encounter any issues while completing my course?
A. Send your support query to

Q. Can I transfer access to my course to another person?
A. No, On Demand courses are assigned to one person only. Any transfer to another person voids your access altogether.

Q. What happens at the end the course? How am I notified that the course has ended?
A. Once you complete 80% of the overall course, course completion is triggered, updating your transcript to reflect successful completion of the course. However, you still have access to the course content and course lab for the allotted duration.

Q. Can I download or print out a certificate of completion once I complete the course?
A. Yes, once you successfully pass the final assessment for the course, you can return to myTranscript in myLearn and click the Certificate link below the name of the course. That link opens a new window to display your certificate.

Q. : What languages are supported in On Demand courses?
A. Most of the On Demand courses are in English only. Non-English courses are built based on market demand.

Q. Is the VMware On Demand Classroom eligible for VMUG Advantage Discount?
A. Yes, VMUG Advantage members receive the standard 20% discount that they receive on all VMware Learning.

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Enterprise Learning Subscription

The VMware Enterprise Learning Subscription delivers convenient and flexible training that lets your team train at their own pace — when and where they want.


• Designed specifically for IT organizations

• Ideal for global team with varied skill levels

• Access to all On Demand and Lab Connect courses

• Certification exam voucher for each licensed subscribe

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  • ELS is a subscription of accessing all our on-demand courses for 12 months.

  • Full access to VMware Customer Connect Learning Library tips & tricks short videos.

  • Certification Exam Prep video

  • 2 Complimentary VCP Exam Vouchers per name subscriber during subscription period

  • Complimentary virtual instructor-led course for each subscriber with the purchase of 12-months ELS, enrolments till 30-July-2022.

  • What is included in ELS at

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