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Blue Skies




1. Introduction FortiGate Firewall
2. FotiGate Firewall Models and Intial Configuration
3. Firewall Dashboard Understanding
4. Creating VLAN
5. Inter-VLAN Routing
6. Zone Configuration
7. Redundant Interface Configuration
8. Aggregate Interface Configuration
9. Software Switch and Loopback Interface Concepts and Lab
10.vWire Concept and Lab
11.One-Armed Sniffer Concepts
12.NAT Concepts and Source NAT
13.One-to-One NAT, Port Block Allocation NAT
14.Destination NAT, Virtual IP with central SNAT Concepts
15.Configure Firewall Policy
16.Flow based and Proxy based traffic flow
17.MAC-Address based policy and Username based policy
18.DHCP Server Configuration
19.DHCP Relay Agent
20.Anti-Virus Profile
21.File Blocking Profile
22.Application Filtering
23.DNS Filtering
24.IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
25.HA (High Availability) ACTIVE-ACTIVE and ACTIVE-PASSIVE
26.VPN Introduction and Types of VPN

​27.IPSEC Introduction and Packets
28.Site To Site VPN Configuration and Verify
29.Remote Access VPN Configuration and Verify
30.FortiGate AD Integration for centralized Authentication
31.Firewall Backup, Restore and Firmware Upgradation
33.Static Routing
34.Dynamic Routing (OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP) Protocol Configuration
35.VDOM Concepts

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