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Oracle Database 19c RAC Administration Workshop

Oracle Database 19c RAC Administration Workshop


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5 Days


Oracle Database:19C RAC Administration Workshop

Duration: 5 days

This Oracle Database 19c: RAC Administration Workshop course will teach you about Oracle RAC database architecture. Expert Oracle University instructors will deep dive into Global Resources and Cache Fusion.


 Install and configure RAC

 Manage RAC Database Infrastructure

 Upgrade and patch the RAC Infrastructure

 Manage backup and recovery in a RAC environment

 Monitor and tune RAC Databases

 Manage high availability of services

 Implement High Availability for connections and applications

 Configure RAC One Node

 Implement In-Memory Column Store in RAC

 Configure Multitenant Architecture in RAC

 Manage Quality of Service in RAC


 Grid Infrastructure: Overview

 RAC Databases Architecture

 Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC

 Oracle RAC Administration

 Upgrading and Patching Oracle RAC

 Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC

 Global Resource Management Concepts

 RAC Database Monitoring and Tuning

 Managing High Availability of Services

 High Availability for Connections and Applications

 Oracle RAC One Node

 Oracle Database In-Memory in RAC

 Multitenant Architecture and RAC

 Quality of Service Management

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