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M55344- Identity with Windows Server 

M55344 : Identity with Windows Server 

Duration: 5 Days

Course Description:

This course provides comprehensive training on managing identity and access using Windows Server. Participants will gain a deep understanding of key identity concepts, tools, and technologies within the Windows Server ecosystem. Topics covered include user and group management, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), and more. Practical hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios will be integrated throughout the course to reinforce learning and prepare participants for managing identity effectively in diverse organizational environments.


Course Objectives:


1. Understand the fundamental concepts of identity management.

2. Learn to configure and manage users and groups in Active Directory.

3. Explore the role of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in identity management.

4. Implement and manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for centralized configuration management.

5. Configure and manage Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) for secure communication.

6. Secure identities and resources using authentication and authorization mechanisms.

7. Implement identity federation and single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

8. Monitor and troubleshoot identity-related issues in Windows Server environments.


Course Outline:


Introduction to Identity Management

  • Overview of identity management concepts

  • Importance of identity management in modern IT environments

  • Introduction to Windows Server identity management tools and technologies


User and Group Management

  • Creating and managing user accounts

  • Managing groups and group membership

  • Delegating administrative tasks related to user and group management


Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

  • Understanding AD DS architecture and components

  • Configuring and managing domain controllers

  • Implementing and managing trusts between domains


Group Policy Management

  • Introduction to Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

  • Configuring and applying GPOs for centralized management

  • Troubleshooting common Group Policy issues


Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)

  • Overview of PKI and digital certificates

  • Configuring and managing certificate authorities (CAs)

  • Implementing certificate templates and autoenrollment


Monitoring, managing, and recovering AD DS

  • Monitoring AD DS

  • Managing the Active Directory database

  • Active Directory backup and recovery options for AD DS and other identity and access solutions


Securing Active Directory Domain Services

  • Securing domain controllers

  • Implementing account security

  • Implementing audit authentication

  • Configuring managed service accounts


Authentication and Authorization

  • Understanding authentication mechanisms in Windows Server

  • Configuring authentication policies and settings

  • Implementing role-based access control (RBAC) for resource authorization


Identity Federation and Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Introduction to identity federation concepts

  • Implementing federation trusts with other identity providers

  • Enabling single sign-on (SSO) for seamless user authentication


Monitoring and Troubleshooting Identity Services

  • Monitoring identity-related events and performance

  • Using built-in tools and utilities for identity troubleshooting

  • Best practices for maintaining a secure and reliable identity infrastructure


Practical Labs and Exercises:

  • Configuring user accounts and groups in Active Directory

  • Implementing Group Policy settings for workstation configuration

  • Configuring certificate services for secure communication

  • Implementing authentication policies and role-based access control

  • Setting up identity federation and testing single sign-on functionality



  • Basic understanding of Windows Server operating system

  • Familiarity with networking concepts and protocols

  • Knowledge of fundamental IT security principles

Target Audience:

  • System administrators

  • Network administrators

  • IT professionals responsible for identity and access management

  • Anyone seeking to enhance their skills in Windows Server identity management.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants may receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating their proficiency in Identity with Windows Server (55344AC).

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