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Financial Services Industries

Data on a Touch Pad

For Financial institutes

Xelware, We understand why it is important to train professionals from FSI.  Feel free to reach out with training's or to know more.


Data Cable Installation

Industry Oriented Training's

Our past experiences with Telecommunication industries, we understand how Telcos are upskilling their employees on time to time.

Government & Enterprise

Business Meeting

Customized Training's

There has been huge investment made to align with current technology & Infrastructure. This leads to train IT and non IT professional to enhance their skills.

Explore more about course information 

Experience a complete set of data management services Oracle’s portfolio of database services lets you choose from many deployment options such as on-premises, Cloud@ Customer, and public cloud. Build highly scalable applications while supporting all data types including relational, graph, and structured and unstructured nonrelational.

VMware vSphere:  Install, Configure, Manage is the foundation for most of the other VMware technologies in the software-defined data center.

Training On Demand (TOD) provides you 30 days access to VDC lab, Learn and Practice at your own phase at a discounted price.

Azure allows you to build, deploy, and manage apps more quickly and easily without having to buy and/or maintain the underlying infrastructure. Azure's integrated cloud resources meet all your security and compliance requirements while being easily customizable for a company's unique needs.  Contact us today with any questions.

If you did not find what you are looking for please write to us .  we are glad to assist according to your requirements.  

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