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Administering Office 365


Administering Office 365



Duration: 5 Days



Course Overview:

Administering Office 365 is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to efficiently manage and maintain Office 365 environments. The course covers key concepts such as user management, security and compliance, data governance, and troubleshooting techniques. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world scenarios, participants will gain practical experience in administering Office 365 effectively.



Course Outline:


Introduction to Office 365 Administration

  • Overview of Office 365 features and services

  • Understanding Office 365 subscription plans and licensing

  • Configuring Office 365 tenant settings

  • Introduction to Office 365 Admin Center



User and Group Management

  • Creating and managing user accounts

  • Managing security groups and distribution lists

  • Assigning licenses and permissions

  • Implementing self-service password reset



Security and Compliance

  • Configuring Office 365 security settings

  • Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  • Overview of Office 365 compliance features

  • Configuring data loss prevention (DLP) policies



Data Governance and Troubleshooting

  • Managing Exchange Online mailboxes and policies

  • Implementing retention policies and labels

  • Monitoring Office 365 service health

  • Troubleshooting common Office 365 issues



Advanced Topics

  • Configuring Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for email security

  • Implementing advanced threat protection (ATP)

  • Managing SharePoint Online sites and permissions

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams administration



Automation and Scripting

  • Overview of PowerShell for Office 365 administration

  • Writing and executing PowerShell scripts for automation

  • Managing Office 365 using the Microsoft Graph API

  • Best practices for automation in Office 365



Migration to Office 365

  • Planning and preparing for Office 365 migration

  • Overview of migration methods and tools

  • Executing a migration project with minimal downtime

  • Post-migration tasks and best practices



Best Practices and Optimization

  • Reviewing best practices for Office 365 administration

  • Optimizing Office 365 performance and reliability

  • Monitoring and analyzing Office 365 usage reports

  • Implementing continuous improvement strategies



  • Daily quizzes to evaluate understanding of key concepts

  • Hands-on assignments to apply learned skills in real-world scenarios

  • Final project: Design and execute an Office 365 administration plan for a hypothetical organization



Target Audience for Administering Office 365

Learn to master Office 365 administration with our comprehensive course, ideal for IT professionals seeking to enhance their skill set.

  • IT Administrators and Systems Administrators

  • Office 365 Administrators

  • Network Administrators

  • IT Support Technicians and Helpdesk Staff

  • IT Managers and IT Pros looking to transition to cloud-based services

  • Systems Engineers and Infrastructure Specialists

  • Technical and Solutions Architects

  • Information Technology (IT) Consultants

  • Cybersecurity Analysts with a focus on cloud security

  • Professionals preparing for Microsoft certification exams related to Office 365



  • Basic understanding of Office 365 applications

  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts



The course outline is subject to adjustments based on the pace of learning and participant needs. Additional resources and guest lectures may be included to enhance the learning experience.

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