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PL-300-Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI



Duration: 3 Days




Course Overview:


Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to leverage Power BI for data analysis and visualization tasks. Throughout this course, participants will learn how to import, clean, transform, and visualize data using Power BI Desktop. They will also explore advanced features such as creating calculated columns and measures, building relationships between data sources, and designing interactive dashboards and reports.



Course Objectives:


  • Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Power BI and its role in data analysis.

  • Learn how to import data from various sources into Power BI Desktop.

  • Master data cleaning and transformation techniques using Power Query Editor.

  • Explore data modeling concepts such as relationships, calculated columns, and measures.

  • Design interactive visualizations and reports to effectively communicate insights.

  • Utilize advanced features such as DAX expressions and custom visuals.

  • Learn best practices for sharing and collaborating on Power BI projects.

  • Gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world case studies.



Course Outline:


Introduction to Power BI

  • Overview of Microsoft Power BI

  • Understanding Power BI Desktop, Service, and Mobile

  • Exploring Power BI Interface



Importing and Transforming Data

  • Connecting to Data Sources

  • Data Loading Strategies

  • Introduction to Power Query Editor

  • Data Cleaning and Transformation Techniques



Data Modeling in Power BI

  • Introduction to Data Modeling

  • Creating Relationships between Tables

  • Working with Calculated Columns and Measures

  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)



 Visualizing Data

  • Building Basic Visualizations

  • Customizing Visuals

  • Designing Interactive Reports and Dashboards

  • Tips for Effective Data Visualization


 Advanced Features

  • Using DAX Functions for Advanced Calculations

  • Introduction to Power BI Service

  • Creating Paginated Reports

  • Utilizing Custom Visuals and Themes



Sharing and Collaboration

  • Publishing Reports to Power BI Service

  • Sharing Reports and Dashboards

  • Collaborating with Power BI Workspaces

  • Introduction to Power BI Apps



Best Practices and Optimization

  • Performance Optimization Techniques

  • Data Security and Governance

  • Best Practices for Report Design

  • Version Control and Deployment Strategies


Case Studies and Practical Applications

  • Real-world Case Studies and Examples

  • Hands-on Exercises and Projects

  • Applying Power BI Skills to Analyze Various Data Sets




Target Audience:

  • Data analysts

  • Business intelligence professionals

  • Data scientists

  • Anyone interested in learning data analysis and visualization with Power BI.




  • Basic understanding of data analysis concepts

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel is recommended but not required.




  • Certificate of completion will be awarded upon successfully finishing the course and passing the final project.




Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI course offers a structured approach to learning essential skills for data analysis and visualization using Power BI. By the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to leverage Power BI effectively in their professional roles, enabling them to derive valuable insights from data and make informed decisions.

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